Conversation Designers & Chatbot Developers: What’s love got to do with it? 💐

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Eran Soroka

We were heading back to the office after lunch a few days ago, preparing to work on our chatbots, when I realized in a panic that I was completely unprepared for Valentine’s Day. And, having neglected to think about anything special for my wife, I started rummaging through countless flower arrangement shops and boutique cupcake designer stores online, desperately searching for something.

With only two days until the dreaded February 14th occasion, everything was ridiculously overpriced.
It was a helpless situation.

Now, you can judge me for that. And trust me, my wife WILL, too.

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I have honestly been so busy designing a conversation about Valentine’s Day that I completely forgot to be the awesome lover that I am. It is a four-turn conversation component for our award-winning Bot AnnA, about love and what one perceives as love. Whilst AnnA completely ruined the romance I had planned for us over a fragrant full-bodied Merlot and taught me a valuable lesson we humans tend to easily forget, this component can easily be CUSTOMIZED and REUSED to promote YOUR product.

So you might be a florist, promoting your captivating new arrangements on an online shop or a delicatessen owner that wishes to introduce fine imported wines to visitors on your website.

Whatever your business needs are, don’t be caught unprepared like I was 🙂
Our growing marketplace of conversation components is where you can find what’s missing for you.
There, once customized, the component maintains a consistency of character, which is important to create a seamless experience for the user.

This way, introducing a special sale can be done with the following flow (which you can customize on the Valentine’s Day Component.

Bot: It’s that time of year again, huh? So do you have someone special in your life?
User: My wife
Bot: Lucky you AND lucky her!
We’re offering a discount on all bouquets with a special code, ok?
User: What is it?
Bot: 25% off lilies, 20% off of roses and the best part…
User: what?
Bot: Free shipping. Use this code coco2343543val…

No more a playground for hobbyists

So, charming me can say “I don’t need a DAY to remind me of how much I LOVE you, my darling”. The same applies to this story. We don’t need a Valentine’s Day component to remind us of the mission we are on at CoCo: We envision a chatbot future where everyone can design a small, reusable conversation component about something and share it with others. This way, ALL of our chatbots will have thousands of conversations with each other about EVERYTHING. Additionally, open domain conversational AI will no longer be a playground for hobbyists, but an actually useful tool for the masses.

So, I apologize to my wife. I DO love you more than AnnA.

No matter what promotion you wish to push,
customize this sleek flowing conversation component
to deliver the right promotion with contextual understanding.