What is the Perfect Bot?

Published by:

Eran Soroka

How does one make THE PERFECT CHATBOT?
Seriously. I’m asking for a friend…a client actually. They need the perfect bot. One that never misses. Bug Free. Engaging. Interactive. Kind. Professional. Funny (but not too funny). Serious (but not too serious). Humanlike.
This reminded of a bot I worked on last year for Belvedere Vodka. It was modeled after Candice Kumai (chef, wellness guru etc.) and taught me a concept called Kintsugi. It’s the art of repairing broken pottery but it’s so much more. It treats the breaks and repairs AS PART of the object’s history.
“Kintsugi Botness” is my new philosophy. It treats every bug, every missed input, every flaw as part of the whole. The very imperfection of the bot, makes it, in a way, perfect and, humanlike.
And if we’re expecting our chatbots to be human-like, then we should also expect our bots to be imperfect and flawed. Isn’t our imperfection as humans what makes us human?