Virtual humans for any purpose,
available at anytime anywhere.

Virtual humans for any purpose, available anytime anywhere.

Build Virtual-Humans easily, in a matter of minutes,

without a single line of code.

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No strings attached

Virtual humans

for any purpose, available at anytime anywhere

Build Virtual-Humans easily,

in a matter of minutes,
without a single line of code.

We’re closed for registration at this time.

Create conversational bots for video platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Facetime. Easily, in a matter of minutes.

No coding knowledge is required, all you need to do is write the conversation. Once.

Welcome to the

Future of bots.

Conversational Bots

Create bots that interact using natural language. No buttons, IVRs or other restrictive options. Simple, flowing, natural conversation.

Humanlike experience

Create your brand ambassador, personal assistant, or team member. Build a videobot, personalize and customize the avatar and meet your users where they are.


Create rich, deep conversational flows. Choose from the world’s largest repository of conversational components (CoCos).

Build once. Publish everywhere

We offer multiple one-click integrations into websites, social and messaging apps, online meeting tools. Wherever you already are - we’ll bring the chatbot to you.

One bot

Available everywhere

Create and publish your own bot videobot, voice or text.
Give your audience a seamless experience, while reducing your
team’s workload – easily.

Build your first conversational bot. It takes less than 5 minutes.



Save valuable time by automating your lead generation,
Engage your customers 24/7 and tell them all about you business and products

EdTech and Remote Learning

EdTech and Remote Learning

Create educational skills on Alexa, virtual training using videobots or prepare your students for an exam on your website.

Gaming and Fun

Gaming and Fun

Improve your gaming experience, with conversational NPC’s that can make any game significantly more immersive, deeper and just better.

With you everywhere,

Any time.

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fawzi pic
The videobot is not only fun, but it's also very helpful for me, as a teacher. Getting the students to engage or focus is a little bit hard these days, so having a videobot available 24/7 is a great help for my students, and for me as well.
Fawzi BenMessaoud, Ph.D.
Lecturer in AI and informatics, School of Informatics and Computing, University of Indiana
Very excited to be collaborating with - on a video bot, designed to help students apply learning strategies and self-regulated learning (SRL) principles effectively in online courses. We plan to conduct a joint research study aimed at examining whether an AI-powered “learn to learn” video bot intervention can impact students’ behavior and performance in a large-scale online course.
Danny Glick
Research Affiliate, UC Irvine, Digital Learning Lab | Academic Manager, Edge Academic Innovation Center
Mary tommaso
"I love Beyond Virtual for its versatility: it's the only tool out there that allows you to create and easily deploy a voice bot on multiple channels, from your own website to Alexa. You can even give your bot a face and invite it to Zoom! I’ve used it for my personal needs, to stand out among the other job seekers, added a chatbot to my business's website and continue to offer it to my clients as a reliable, time-saving solution. I was looking for a tool that I could use to design conversational experiences without having to learn to code, and I found it!"
Mary Tomasso
Conversation Designer
Browning Rockwell
"Working with the BeyondVirtual’s platform was a seamless experience. I needed to create a voice skill for my health and wellness app, and Beyond Virtual was there for me, every step of the way. I was able to create my custom voice skill and publish it - easily, with the support of the responsive tech team, walking me through the process."
Browning Rockwell
Founder -
Aishatu Gwadabe
"Designing my first educational voice skill with Beyond Virtual was a great experience. Their builder really made it easy to bring my aspirations to life, and their support along the way was remarkable."
Aishatu Gwadabe
Peace Technologist and Conversation Designer with a focus on voice technology
Aviad Kidron
"I didn’t need much more than an hour of learning, to build with Beyond Virtual the first bot that helped our students prepare for their civics final exam. The builder is easy to use and it allowed me to really put my knowledge into practice, to create something that’s useful for every student."
Aviad Kidron
Civics teacher
Joseph Suskin
"Beyond Virtual is easy to use from the get go. I can design as fast as I think since there is no coding involved. I can publish the bot anywhere, and support is available anytime. A component based platform offers many features that I can use to help achieve my clients (demanding) conversational AI ambitions. Oh, and it's gorgeous to look at."
Joseph Suskin
OnyxEngagement Inc, AI Conversation Designer for Enterprise on Agile
Or Eliaz
"Beyond Virtual eliminates the need for the middle-man, and allows you to build your bot yourself. I was a bit worried about creating it all by myself, but it wasn’t a problem at all. I love using BeyondVirtual’s platform, it gave me an amazing, cost saving solution for my business! "
Or Eliaz
CEO of &
We’ve teamed up with Sapir – Israel’s biggest public college – to see how our virtual humans can help their students improve their spoken English skills
Our technology assists students with SEL (social-emotional learning) through English. Here you can read about our methodology, and the SEL skills we help to improve.
How do you make a voice skill, coming out of a smart speaker, feel human? In the latest Taking Turns episode, Ilarna Nche joins us to share her experience.

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