Islands Of Excellence

Published by:

Eran Soroka

While we can find chatbots out there that are quite capable, they’re performing within very restricted domains of conversations. One might call them “islands of excellence”. But bots have a profound potential that goes beyond answering a specific question or command. They are actually capable of HOLDING CONVERSATIONS.

CoCoHub has made it its mission to bridge these “islands of excellence” by offering developers one hub where they can share modular conversational components with each other no matter which platforms or sets of tools they choose to work with.

Modular chatbots are easier to test by component, allow better multi-developer collaboration and are pre-trained out of the box. This means shorter deployment timeframes of smarter, more versatile chatbot solutions.

In an otherwise fragmented industry, the team behind CoCoHub has a vision of a future in which this form of collaborative development of modular components will usher a new age of extremely capable chatbots.

Only then, will we witness big steps being made forward.