Gearing Up Developers

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Eran Soroka

Taking part in our workshop at the Vodafone Hackathon in Düsseldorf on February 28th gives participants the advantage they need in order to develop a multi-turn, context-sensitive chatbot in only twenty-four hours. 

Using a CoCoHub component by calling an endpoint eliminates the need to write and maintain AI conversation boilerplates or low-level conversation logic.

This way, instead of starting from scratch, we offer developers a starter toolkit including a chat window, integration code with their choice of developer platform and a “ready to use” template bot connected to pre-built components from CoCoHub.
May the best bot win!

Educating Developers

It is one thing to create a chatbot, but crafting its personality is what makes it really stand out. An engaging bot conversation will do magic for retention and keep your users coming back for more. But, where do you start? 

Our very own Jason F. Gilbert will be sharing insights about bot personalities as an award-winning conversation designer in his keynote “10 Ways To Give Your Bot Character.” Just keep in mind, a well-designed bot might have something to say about hackathons, as Jason found out a few days ago: