Cocohub in the Big City

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Eran Soroka

It’s been only a few days since our successful workshop at the Vodafone Hackathon in Düsseldorf on February 28th and we are already setting our sights on The Big City

The Chatbot Conference in NYC 2020 will take place on April 28th & 29th

What an event!

Building a Community

But for us, conferences are a bit more than networking or goodies.

It is all about dedicating our team’s resources to educating developers about chatbot development using conversational components.

We will be there, diligently working with developers in more workshops so hit the SIGN UP button to become a member of our growing community and not miss the next event.

Like a band on tour, there’s no venue too small to play because this is the real connection with our users. The more users open their minds to modular chatbot development, the more our community grows. And CoCoHub will be able to save even more developers (maybe even YOU) from the pains of traditional methods of chatbot development.

Building a Chatbot on Dialogflow with Pre-Built Conversational Components

After creating an account on CoCoHub, participants in our workshop will learn to add CoCoHub components to their Dialogflow bots and customize their responses to match their bot-personality.

Following deployment, bots will be tested, fixed and presented before the group to receive feedback.

The Importance of Conversation Design and Chatbot Personality

Deploying an engaging bot that understands context and can hold a conversation instead of merely perform a simple task boosts your user retention and makes an impact for your business, as one that really stands out.  Learning how to give your bot A PERSONALITY is key to this scalable success.

Our award-winning conversation designer Jason F. Gilbert will be sharing insights about bot personalities in his keynote “10 Ways To Give Your Bot Character.”

Learn more about conversational components, integrating them into your chatbot framework and how to take full advantage of CoCoHub