Adopting New Remote Habits

Published by:

Eran Soroka

Join Our Upcoming Online Discussion:
Chatbots and Conversation Design
Wed, March 25th @7pm

With Coronavirus days limiting the opportunities we usually get to meet members of our community in live events and workshops, we are adapting to a new remote mindset.

Hence, this way, with a bit of creativity, barriers and limitations can be overcome.

On Wednesday, March 25th @7pm we will be holding an online “Chatbots and Conversation Design” discussion on our Discord. There, we’ll feature some of the world’s leading conversational AI designers and programmers.

We will be talking about Conversational AI, showcasing conversation design best practices, featuring live chatbot demos and more!

If you can’t make this one, join our Discord for news and updates about more exciting online events we’ve got lined up for you.

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We are happy to be a part of the growing community of WordPress contributors. There, we share their enthusiasm for “democratizing publishing” and the opportunities and freedom to innovate that come with open source.

Using CoCoHub pre-built conversational components whilst adopting collaborative efforts is very efficient. It allows developers to successfully reach their goals faster, direct resources at challenges that matter and push their chatbots forward.

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